Turmeric is a herbaceous plant native to tropical South Asia.  Many clinical studies acknowledge the fact that turmeric is truly a wonder herb offering numerous health benefits.  It is also known as the ‘ Indian Saffron’ and widely used in siddha medicine that originated in South India. This article throws light on some of the medicinal uses of turmeric.


Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is extracted through standardized processes. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties of curcumin are noteworthy. If you want your turmeric supplement to deliver results, you have to ensure that the supplement contains adequate levels of curcumin in it. The bloodstream has challenges in absorbing curcumin, hence black pepper containing piperine is used along with curcumin. This helps the bloodstream to absorb curcumin more efficiently and rapidly. High fat diet also makes curcumin absorption easy.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Turmeric - A Wonder Herb for HealthThe actual objective of inflammation is to safeguard our body against harmful foreign substances such as bacteria. Auto-immune disorders cause inflammation to target healthy tissues of our body. It is one of the main reasons causing heart diseases, cancer, alzheimer’s and many deteriorating body conditions. Given that curcumin has high anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to treat various chronic medical conditions.

Powerful anti-oxidant

Free radicals can damage healthy cells and tissues of our body creating oxidative impairment. Curcumin which is a rich source of anti-oxidant combats free radicals by obstructing them using the power of its chemical composition. Additionally curcumin can stimulate the enzymes that contains antioxidants in our body.

Improves brain health

BDNF is a hormone essential for healthy functioning of the brain. Reduced levels of BDNF can cause brain diseases and disorders. Curcumin can enhance the levels of BDNF in brain. This helps to prevent various brain disorders and improve overall functioning of the brain.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Turmeric - A Wonder Herb for HealthHeart related ailments are highly fatal. Curcumin provides significant benefits to heart health by improving the condition of the blood vessel lining.

It can reduce oxidation and inflammation which are major causes of heart diseases. Some studies have demonstrated that patients who took curcumin have shown patterns of reduced risk of heart attacks.

Potential aid for cancer

Cancer, a dreadful disorder characterized by proliferation of cells can be treated using curcumin and that is why turmeric and curcumin are known to be anti-cancer and anti-tumor in nature. Curcumin has the ability to destroy cancer cells and promote healthy cell function.  More specifically, curcumin has been found to decrease inflammation and prevent the proliferation of tumor cells.

Treating alzheimer’s

Incidences of alzheimer’s is very low in regions where curcumin and turmeric are consumed regularly. When used as a medication to cure alzheimer’s, curcumin shows positive results in reducing inflammation and reversing the process of the disease.

In summary, curcumin is very useful to treat various ailments. Patients who suffer from arthritis, depression and other chronic conditions have experienced improvements in their health condition after consuming curcumin as a health supplement.

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