Arthritis and inflammation go hand in hand. Autoimmune disorders cause the immune system to wreak havoc on healthy tissues of the body. Due to this disorder, the immune system considers healthy tissues as infected tissues invaded by foreign substances and starts attacking them.  Several kinds of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis etc are caused by the inflammation directed on healthy tissues. This condition is characterized by redness, swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints and some cases may also lead to joint function loss.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Turmeric in curing ArthritisBased on several industry news and trends, the pharmaceutical industry is already blown away by  soaring popularity and demand for turmeric as a natural cure for various ailments, because of its high anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, it is considered as a powerful medicine that can relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Geographical locations prone to extreme temperatures are vulnerable to symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Incidences of arthritis in many countries is rapidly rising and garnering attention of the healthcare industry. Many healthcare providers are reaching out to natural remedies such as turmeric and curcumin to treat this painful disease.

Curcumin is very effective to reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Many clinical trials and publications highlight the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric and curcumin in treating arthritis.

Here are some natural home remedy tips to deal with arthritis using turmeric. You should cut a small piece of turmeric root and blend it with a glass of warm milk. It is a good idea to add blended black pepper into it, as it helps in easier and faster absorption of curcumin. You can also mix it up with bananas or honey for a smoothie or milk shake effect. Even if you drink it once a day on a daily basis, it will lead to positive health implications in dealing with arthritis symptoms. You can also use a tablespoon of powdered turmeric instead of the raw turmeric root. You should use warm milk  with turmeric because it helps to spread and mix the spice well for maximum effect.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Turmeric in curing ArthritisVegetable capsules containing turmeric and standardized curcumin powder present alternative ways to consume turmeric. It is best to consume these capsules after consulting with your doctor based on your health condition.

Though culinary levels of turmeric is safe for use, consuming large quantities to treat a medical condition requires advice of a healthcare practitioner. Pregnant and lactating women, those who are about to get a surgery done and those who are on medications should consult a medical professional before using them to avoid adverse effects. If you preserve fresh turmeric in the freezer of your refrigerator, it will stay in good condition for almost a year. However roots should not be stored for long but used immediately on buying it.

Thus the anti-inflammation properties of turmeric makes it an effective and lasting cure for arthritis and helps to treat the symptoms with minimal side effects.

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