Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric offers several health benefits. It is sourced from turmeric plant, well known for its spice value and medicinal properties. As a spice it is used for cooking especially in India. Curcumin extracts have adequate anti-oxidant properties that helps to fight free radicals and prevents them from damaging the cells of the body. It also contains anti-inflammation properties to combat inflammation caused by auto-immune disorders where healthy cells are considered as foreign substances and attacked by the body’s immune system.

Advantages of Using Turmeric ExtractsThere has been significant ongoing research in the field of medicine where extracts of turmeric has been widely used to treat several health conditions such as cancer, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and several types of arthritis. Turmeric and curcumin can also reduce the secretion of cortisol which is a stress related hormone that causes fat build up especially in the abdominal area. The most prominent use of turmeric is to prevent inflammation. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties enables turmeric to also be anti-tumor and anti-cancer in nature. The anti-inflammation property of turmeric is widely appreciated especially when it is used to treat cancer because turmeric has the potency to deal with nuclear factor-kappa B and obstruct those genes thereby delivering positive results in treating cancer. These findings have lead to a huge propaganda surrounding turmeric and cancer, driving ongoing research.  There are many pharmaceutical drugs used as medications for cancer but over a period of time, they weaken the immune system. Turmeric extracts prevent healthy cells from transforming into cancerous cells and induce cell death in cancer cells. Interestingly curcumin can also work synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of both chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Advantages of Using Turmeric ExtractsSeveral top health institutes in the world have also been funding for research on turmeric and its potential in treating various medical conditions. Turmeric is a rich source of anti-oxidants. It also has antibacterial properties that helps to ward off unwanted bacteria in the body. The antiviral properties helps to treat viral infection and helps to prevent the viruses from spreading further in the body. Any type of fungal infections can be treated using turmeric because it also has anti-fungal properties.

This is the reason why many holistic forms of medicine rely greatly on turmeric to heal various types of wounds. Due to the amazing medicinal properties of turmeric extract, the entire pharmaceutical industry is keen on creating patented medicines or compounds that can replicate the effects of turmeric extracts so that they can expand their possibilities of making more profits.

It is worthwhile to look at the side effects caused by turmeric when you have to take it in large quantity. Hence it is mandatory to check with a medical professional before consuming turmeric supplements for specific health conditions. Although there is no guaranteed cure for the ailments, it definitely has the potential to treat many medical conditions and reduce the impact of symptoms without causing adverse effects like pharmaceutical drugs.

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