What is TNS Turmeric?

TNS all natural turmeric is designed to help relieve pain and boost the function of the immune system. It is also known to brighten the skin, reduce headaches and heartburn, and may alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. This pure supplement has many medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory compounds. Inflammation contributes to almost every major disease, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression, and whilst turmeric is a commonly available spice, TNS Turmeric offers consumers a potent and easy to ingest alternative.


TNS Turmeric contains only pure Kasturi turmeric and vegetable capsules. They do not contain any synthetic or chemical extracts and are 100% vegan. Each capsule contains 1000mg of Kasturi turmeric and if taken as directed it provides the consumer with 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric each day.


It is directed to take TNS Turmeric as a dietary supplement, taking 2-4 capsules once daily with a full glass of water or juice. These instructions are explicit, yet there could be a vast difference in effects from taking four capsules as opposed to two. It is up to the individual consumer to figure out what works best for them. Also, if the consumer opts for four capsules a day, their supply of capsules will dwindle more quickly.


A bottle of 60 capsules, designed to last approximately one month, or possibly even less, will cost consumers $14.99, excluding shipping. The cost of shipping is rather pricey at $7.99 (although the cost can vary depending on the retailer). Unfortunately, there is no financial benefit from buying in bulk, other than not having to pay the shipping on each individual purchase.

Possible Side Effects

No notable side effects are advertised and the fact that TNS Turmeric contains all natural ingredients could indicate it is safe for the majority of people to use. However, it is not suitable for children and it must be stored correctly in a cool, dry place as this could potentially cause ill effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer of TNS Turmeric does not offer any money-back guarantees, however, the research regarding the benefits of turmeric is quite substantiated. There are also not enough reviews to be able to comment on customer satisfaction, although the fact that the product is completely natural is perhaps an indicator of both its safety and effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

TNS Turmeric is a great, all-natural product that has proven to be effective in many medical ways. However, it is expensive and with no money back guarantee or bulk buying discount it may leave some consumers hesitant to purchase this product and to rather stick with the old fashioned spice for cooking.  Despite this, for those who do not enjoy the taste of turmeric but wish to reap the benefits, TNS Turmeric is easy to use, the bottle giving quite clear directions so there is minimal chance of misuse.

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