What is Sundown Naturals Turmeric?

Turmeric is slowly gaining leverage in the pharmaceutical industry for its numerous positive effects on overall health and well-being. In effect, more and more pharmaceutical companies offer Turmeric as a supplement as this is quite common and easily sourced. Sundown Naturals is one of those companies and have produced a Turmeric supplement to aid customers towards detoxification and an improved immune system response.


The reason that turmeric is often made into supplements is because turmeric ingested through food has very little of the health benefits because it is actually curcumin, which occurs in turmeric at about 3-6%, that offers an advantage.

The Sundown Naturals formula states that it has 450mg of turmeric root extract in total, 50mg of which is standardized at 95% as per requirement for effectiveness. This amount is substantially lacking as compared to other supplements which are standardized at 95% but at a much higher milligram dosage.

Other ingredients in Sundown Naturals Turmeric supplement includes gelatin, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate, and vegetable stearic acid which are often used as binders and fillers in many medications and supplements.


Sundown Naturals recommends that one capsule a day be taken with a meal. If preferred, one capsule may also be opened and mixed into a drink or with food.


Sundown Naturals does not directly sell supplements from their website. Instead, they have a search option to look for the closest retailer near you. On Amazon, Sundown Naturals Turmeric, good for a 3 month supply, costs $7.30.

Possible Side Effects

No specific side effects linked directly with Sundown Naturals Turmeric are listed on the website. However, Turmeric in general, when ingested in high amounts has been known to cause constipation, nausea, or anything related to digestion problems as turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body.

Caution is advised to pregnant women, lactating mothers, anyone under the age of 18, or anyone with any medical conditions. Sundown Naturals states that advice from a physician is needed before taking this supplement and if any adverse reaction, regardless of how minor or severe, is suspected to have stemmed from the supplement, to discontinue use immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no return policy listed on the website, however, there are contact links posted for customers to speak directly with staff if they have any inquiries or clarifications.

Besides the lack of a guarantee or return policy, Sundown Naturals also does not display any reviews or testimonials on their website. This can make it difficult to determine reliability and reputability from sources other than the company itself.

The Bottom Line

The Sundown Naturals website for their Turmeric supplement is very minimal with most information needing to be sourced elsewhere. Their dosage for turmeric and curcumin is also substantially lower than that of any other competitor which leads us to believe that this is why they recommend opening their capsule and taking it as a drink or with food; there is little chance that this supplement is any different from consuming a regular meal of curry at your nearest Indian restaurant. This assumption is further supported by the dramatically low price offered by Sundown Naturals for this supplement.

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