What is Seventh Wave Turmeric?

Seventh Wave Turmeric is a whole herb supplement that claims to enhance your overall health and by leveraging the powerful medicinal properties of turmeric. By preventing free radical damage, pure turmeric dramatically boosts the body’s antioxidant capacity, thus helping it fend off degenerative diseases, among other ailments.

Turmeric supplementation is also noted for the improvement of digestion processes, inflammation, and the augmentation of the immune system.

Whole herb turmeric is a mainstay of Chinese and Indian medicine and it is a treasured component of Ayurvedic medicine.


Each capsule of Seventh Wave Turmeric contains 350mg of whole herb turmeric, with the main active ingredient curcumin. There are no other added ingredients in this supplement. Additives are considered potential allergens and so they are completely avoided.

Curcumin is enhanced by the other nutrients found in turmeric naturally. The whole herb supplement is claimed to contain more than 200 nutrients including minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, among others.

Since there are no other ingredients in this product, it claims to be a whole herb supplement, which makes it the preferred choice over standard extracts of turmeric. For this reason, the backers of this supplement claim that it offers more therapeutic properties.


Users are advised to take one capsule of Seventh Wave Turmeric every day. It is not necessary to take the supplement with food although best absorption occurs when taken with food.

You can take the supplement twice a day if you wish, but it is not recommended to exceed 2000mg of turmeric per day.


A 90-capsule bottle of Seventh Wave Turmeric sells for $16.30 from the Seventh Wave website. When we dug deeper on the site, we did not manage to unearth any running offers and discounts. It seems like all you get is a one-off low price.

Possible Side Effects

Turmeric should not be taken by expecting women, lactating mothers, children, diabetics, and hyperglycemics.

There are many known side effects of turmeric, especially when taken in higher doses. They are mainly associated with curcumin, the main constituent of the natural herb. Specific side effects of turmeric in higher doses include blood thinning (which leads to slower clotting), stomach upsets, worsening of gallbladder problems, allergies, liver problems, and more.

Needless to say, avoid turmeric if you are taking any medication. Never start turmeric supplementation before consulting a doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Seventh Wave offers a 30-day money back guarantee for some of their supplements, which includes Turmeric.

The Bottom Line

Seventh Wave Turmeric ranks high among the many turmeric supplements on the market. The fact that it is offered as a whole herb supplement gives it an edge as it stays as close to natural as possible. We also like the fact that the manufacturer stands by their product with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, 30 days is somewhat short for testing out a natural-based supplement, and therefore the guarantee might be hollow.

It is also disappointing to know that all the positive claims are made by the manufacturer. And while there are a few user reviews, it is difficult to ascertain their neutrality since they are published on the manufacturer’s website.

While we think this supplement is worth a try, we advise potential buyers to compare a few other products with a more solid guarantee.

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