What is InVite Health Bio-Curcumin & 5-Loxin?

The product InVite Health Bio-Curcumin & 5-Loxin is an herbal combination of Bio-Curcumin and 5-Loxin which aims to aid in supporting the inflammatory response of the body and provides a relief for normal, age-related aches and pains. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the herb curcumin gets easily absorbed and is a very powerful neuroprotective antioxidant. The regular intake of the product has shown to decrease both nitrogen and oxygen free radicals, thus supporting the smooth function of the brain, digestive tract, and circulatory system, as well as other regions of the body. To add to its benefits, it aims to give nutritional support for both joint comfort and cartilage health. It is also beneficial for people who suffer ailments related to back, neck, shoulders, and other joints and muscles. It also claims to act as a shield for the intestinal tract and may improve mobility and comfort for walking. Further, it may help to improve the health of irritated lungs and may benefit individuals with problems related to asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.


The product contains the following composition:

  • Bio-Curcumin standardized to 95% curcuminoids – 500mg
  • 5-Loxin Boswellia Serrata resin extract – 100mg

Other ingredients present in this product are rice flour, vegetarian capsule (Hypromellose), and vegetable stearate.


It is suggested to take 1 or 2 vegetable capsules, 2 times a day. It is advised to consume it with meals or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


The product is available in the form of capsules. 60 vegetarian capsules are contained in one bottle. One bottle of the product is available at a retail price of $61.95 from the manufacturer’s website. On a purchase of two bottles, one bottle is given free, thus saving you 50%.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side-effects of this product are listed on the manufacturer’s website. Even after extensive research, we could not find any information on the side effects pertaining to this product. Thus, we can assume it to be a safe one for consumption.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The product is made using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. There are several benefits listed by the manufacturer upon the consumption of the product. While researching, we could not find any information regarding guarantees offered by the manufacturer if the user finds this product to be unsatisfactory with reference to quality or effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

According to customer reviews, this product Bio-Curcumin & 5-Loxin has proven to be an effective one. The product is natural as it is free of pesticides and has been manufactured using GMP standards. Other than the manufacturer’s site, the manufacturer has clearly listed the stores where this product is available. However, the product is pricey and customers can look out for other products on the market which may be more effective and less expensive than this one and that also come backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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