What is Herba Roots Curcumin 95%?

Curcumin 95% is made exclusively by Herba Roots manufacturers. It’s one of the many turmeric dietary supplements beneficial for your health, and it has a high level of curcumin. According to Ayurveda traditional medicines practices, curcumin contains curcuminoids that have healing supplements. It is believed to be enormously wealthy with antioxidants, and it benefits your body by protecting joints and tissues. It is also thought to help the body maintain a healthy digestive and cardiovascular system. Other known benefits include assisting in losing weight, it contributes to inducing the production of bile hence breaking down body fat faster, and many more benefits. With many products available on the market, we did an exclusive research of this product to give you a chance to make an informed decision.


Here are the main active ingredients that are used to make this product:

  • Turmeric roots extract – containing 95% curcuminoids.

Other ingredients making up the capsule include:

This product is free from corn, dairy, gluten, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, casein, eggs, and tree nuts. It is a vegetarian-friendly capsule.


The recommended daily dosage for Curcumin 95% is one capsule with food. Each capsule is 500 mg, and you should not consume more than 2000mg a day according to their website. Users of the product are advised to consult a doctor before taking this supplement if you are under any other kind of medication. This warning is also given to pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Unfortunately, the Herba Roots website does not indicate the pricing of this product. Extensive research has also failed to show the pricing from the individual retailers. Each bottle contains about 60 capsules.

Possible Side Effects 

The manufacturer of this product did not list any possible side effects of this Curcumin 95% product. Even so, the manufacturer advises that you should seek medical advice before taking the supplement. It is Important to note that a high dosage of curcumin found may cause vomiting, indigestion, nausea and may also affect the effectiveness of antiplatelet drugs hence increasing the rate of bleeding. It is important to not exceed the recommended dosage and to consult your doctor if you are on any other medications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Herba Roots offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are at all unhappy with the product. You can only return any unopened product and you will have to cover the cost of the return shipping. This guarantee does not apply to any products that were purchased through other retailers. We were unable to find any reviews for this product. This makes it hard to know how effective and the quality of Herba Roots Curcumin 95%.

The Bottom Line

With the ample varieties of Curcumin supplements on the market, it’s hard to choose the correct one. Our research shows that Curcumin 95% by Herba Roots is a good product made with healthy ingredients, however, the lack of open information about the product from the website makes the product less desirable. It does not have any reviews and no price is listed, even from the third party distributors. With other similar products made with the same ingredients available on the market, consumers might choose to bypass Herba Roots Curcumin 95%.

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