What is Herb Pharm Turmeric Softgels?

Turmeric Softgels are a health supplement that is richly made with a favorite culinary spice that has a vibrant color and a pungent flavor. Turmeric has various health benefits, and this is an exclusive review of Herb Pharm Turmeric Softgels. Herb Pharm claims to have taken all the necessary and natural steps to extract turmeric from turmeric roots, hence keeping off chemical solvents used by other manufacturers. This product promises to give digestive support, help in joint-related concerns, contributes to maintaining a normal healthy heart and cholesterol, helps in liver protection, controlling the flow of bile, and managing of obesity. In addition, it will also act as an anti-inflammatory, making these softgels ideal for relieving pains and aches that are associated with arthritis.


Each of the vegetarian softgels contains 200mg of organic turmeric extracts. This product consists of 20mg of curcuminoids, 25mg of organic turmeric root extract, 12mg of tumerones and 5mg or organic black pepper. Other ingredients include:

  • Beeswax
  • Certified organic sunflower lecithin
  • Certified organic olive oil

The vegetarian turmeric softgels are made from different ingredients like modified food starch obtained from non-GMO corn, purified water, certified organic caramel, sorbitol, vegetable glycerin, carrageenan (made from seaweed).


This product comes with a clear recommended dosage found on the manufacturer’s website as well as the label of the product. These Turmeric softgels are made in a way making them easy to swallow without leaving any bad taste. Consumers are advised to take one softgel at least once or twice per day and it is best taken with meals.


The suggested retailing price of a single bottle of 60 tablets online is $28. There are no discounts or even promotions that are currently available online.

Possible Side Effects

This product does not have any reported or even known side effects. The manufacturer’s website has a warning for pregnant women and nursing women to seek medical advice before taking this supplement. In case you experience any allergic reaction due to the individual ingredients, consult a doctor and you are advised to stop using the product immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The company offers a seven-day return policy in case you are not satisfied with the product. They also accept returns of the products that are caused by their error. The company also states that the prices on their website are final, and it does not include shipping charges that vary from state to state, as well as any individual handling taxes or duties.

The Bottom Line

Herb Pharm softgels is a good product, and it’s manufactured with the best ingredients. The product is good for vegetarians. However, the product does not have any positive or negative reviews on the manufacturer’s website or even on the internet. Lack of a money-back guarantee is quite disappointing compared to other turmeric products that offer guarantees. Most consumers want to feel confident when a product provides security for their money, something that the Herb Pharm Turmeric softgels product lacks.

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