What is Botanic Choice Turmeric?

Joint pain and stiffness can be a difficult thing to deal with as discomfort will be felt when any part of the joint is affected. Stiffness and joint pain have many causes and contributing factors and alternatively, many solutions available on the market that all claim to alleviate the problem. Botanic Choice Turmeric is a natural solution offered to consumers to deal with joint pain and stiffness as the anti-inflammatory qualities in Turmeric have become well-known worldwide.


Botanic Choice are quite vague with the constituents of their Turmeric supplement with the information not initially visible on the website but only visible through downloading their product label.

Botanic Choice Turmeric is made of 500mg of Turmeric powder, the percentage of curcuminoids in this supplement is not mentioned either on the website or on the label.

Other ingredients in Botanic Choice Turmeric are gelatin, rice flour, and magnesium stearate which are forms of binders and fillers.


Botanic Choice have recommended that one capsule is taken a maximum of three times a day. There is no mention of whether effects may vary when taken before, after, or with meals.


One bottle of Botanic Choice Turmeric with 90 capsules, good for a one month supply, will cost just $6.99 when purchased directly from their website.

Possible Side Effects

Besides the well-known positive effects of Turmeric, it is also another well-known fact that Turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream. Therefore, the side effects of Botanic Choice Turmeric, and of Turmeric in general, stem from this and could possibly include indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, or nausea.

Caution has been advised to pregnant and lactating women as there is no evidence on whether Botanic Choice Turmeric can be transmitted through to a fetus or through breast milk. There is also no evidence that supports whether Botanic Choice Turmeric is safe to take with other medications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The Botanic Choice website does have a guarantee in place where customers are promised effectiveness, quality, and potency or their money back. Specifics on a money back guarantee, such as the rules and duration, are not mentioned but links to customer service are made easily available through e-mail, postage, fax, or a telephone hotline.

There are no reviews on the Botanic Choice website for their Turmeric supplement.

The Bottom Line

Botanic Choice has been around since 1910 and are veterans in the pharmaceutical industry with numerous supplements to target all areas of health and wellbeing. However, their website lacks information for each individual supplement especially regarding the very important ingredients in order to let customers know exactly what they are ingesting. This, paired with a price dramatically lower than other Turmeric supplements leads us to suspect questionable sources for the turmeric extracts used in this supplement.

There is also no mention of studies, trials, or approval from any third party company to support claims by Botanic Choice for their Turmeric supplement.

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